Computer Literacy and Skills

At Forest City Regional Elementary School, students in kindergarten to sixth grade come to computer literacy class once every six day cycle to explore the world of computers in a safe technology rich environment.  The computer literacy and skills class is taught by Mr. Griffin and covers a variety of computer related skills.  Along with enhancing mouse, keyboarding, and computer operation skills, students acquire knowledge about how the computer can be used, and use it to learn, create, explore, develop, and collaborate with others.  The activities students complete in computer class are designed to gradually introduce students to technology skills and then develop and improve those skills so that students can successfully utilize technology in their daily activities.

Our district has made a huge commitment to technology and the technology team is doing its best to provide all our students with safe access to the world wide web by providing easily accessible tools while at the same time monitoring the proper use of these tools. It is our goal to provide all our students with the best possible education and to meet the technology standards set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education.

   If you have any questions or concerns about our elementary computer program, please feel free to contact me at the address below.

Thank you.

Mr. Griffin

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