Ms. Yuravich

Welcome back! 
I'm excited to begin another year of music-making with you! 

On this page you can find the Objective's for each grade every Cycle. These objectives will give you an idea of what we will be discussing in Vocal Music class that cycle!

Cycle 21
Kindergarten: "I can actively listen to a piece of music."
1st Grade: "I can describe country music."
2nd Grade: "I can sight sing simple melodies."
3rd Grade: "I can describe the music of Stephen Foster."
4th Grade: "I can describe jazz music."
5th Grade: "I can describe musical theater."
6th Grade: "I can describe the music and life of J.S. Bach."

**Students in Grades K-3 will begin working on their Spring Extravaganza Music in music classes as well**

All chorus information can be found under the chorus tabs on this page (both Elementary and 6th Grade)

If you should ever need to contact me with any questions or concerns, my email address is (I check my email regularly so I promise to answer as soon as I'm able!) and my phone is 570-785-2430