School Counseling Curriculum

Forest City Regional Elementary's school counseling lessons occur once a month in each grade level (PreK-6). Counseling lessons will cover academic, career, and social/emotional areas. All school counseling classroom lessons will be different and tailored to each grade level. 

          Kindergarten              1st Grade

Meet the Counselor            Counselor Intro                  Counselor Intro

Ready for Success              Ready for Success             Ready for Success

We are Helpful                   Bully Prevention                 Bully Prevention

Career Development           Career Development          Career Development

Safety                                Self-Respect                     Self-Respect

Friendship                          Friendship                          Friendship

Kindness                             Kindness                             Kindness

I Can Apologize                  Conflict Resolution             Conflict Resolution

We Have Skills                   Coping Skills                      Coping Skills

Responsibility                     Responsibility                    Responsibility

Feelings                              Emotions                           Emotions

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2nd Grade                  3rd Grade               4th Grade

Counselor Intro                   Counselor Intro          Counselor Intro

Academic Success              Academic Success           Academic Success

Bully Prevention                  Bully Prevention               Bully Prevention

Career Development           Career Development        Career Development

Self-Respect                      Sportsmanship                 Respect

Friendship                          Peer Relationships            Friendship

Kindness                             Kindness                           Kindness

Conflict Resolution             Conflict Resolution           Conflict Resolution

Coping Skills                       Coping Skills                     Coping Skills

Responsibility                     Responsibility                   Responsibility

Emotions                             Emotions                          Emotions


5th Grade                       6th Grade

Counselor Introduction                        Counselor Introduction

SMART Goal                              Time Management

Bully Prevention                                   Career Development Lesson 1 - Career Cruising

Career Development                            Goal Setting/Long-Term Project Planning

Personal Space                                    Career Development Lesson 2 - Career Cruising 

Cultural Differences                           Quizlet

Kindness                                             Friendship (Making and Keeping Friends)

Conflict Resolution                             Kindness

Coping Skills                                       Conflict Resolution

Leadership                                         Stress

Emotions                                            Study Skills



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