As part of the 100 Book Challenge, students homework on most nights will be to read for 30 minutes per night. They will be expected to record their books on their reading logs and have it initialed by a parent/guardian.

Students will start with a 100% as a homework grade. For each night that homework is incomplete, students will receive a 1 point deduction. This grade will be averaged in as a test grade.

*** Students are expected to log 8 steps (or 30 minutes per night) in between Monday night and Thursday night. Moving forward , I will not check homework on a daily basis and will only check on Friday to see that 8 steps (or 2 hours) is completed.

This means, students can more or less choose the amount of time spent reading each night, as long as the total is 2 hours, or 8 steps, over the 4 nights. For example, if student A has practice and dance on Wednesdays, the student may choose to read 30 minutes (2 steps) on Monday night, 45 minutes (3 steps) on Tuesday, no steps on Wednesday, and 45 minutes (3 steps) on Thursday.