PSSA Math Practice

Dear Parents of Third Grade Students:

As you know, our school is using CompassLearning Odyssey, a web-based curriculum, to enhance your child’s educational experience.  We are inviting you and your child to visit this site at home as often as possible.  Please have your child do any assignments in Math, but refrain from having your child take any chapter tests.  I would like those taken in the compass lab in school. If your child takes the chapter tests at home, before he/she is ready, he/she is not able to take the tests again, and the grades stand as is.  We are able to monitor your child’s progress from school or my home, and can tell when he/she is ready to be tested in school.

When your child is working in Compass, we ask that guessing not be allowed. When they visit the Compass Lab, they are required to bring a tablet and pencil, and work out the answers to any and all problems before entering their responses. They are corrected by the teachers if they do not do this. When assignments, quizzes, or tests are taken in school, and incorrect responses are given, we can readily check the work done on paper to help your child see why the answer was incorrect. That is how they learn from their mistakes. Your child may visit any other curriculum area as well, such as Language Arts or Science, by clicking on the button as soon as he/she logs onto Compass.

The student program will give your child access to many various math learning activities. These activities have been chosen as those that meet the state standards, and will be offered somewhere on the PSSA Tests in April. As the year progresses, and assignments are completed, new ones will be added.

To access the site, lot into, and click on Schools, Elementary School, and scroll down to the link for Compass Learning. Your child knows how to log into the site using his username and password, after which, he works on the assignments in Math.

We urge you to let your child explore the site often. In the program, the children are allowed to move at their own pace, and therefore learn better.  They can revisit activities multiple times.  

If you have any questions about the assignments we have made, feel free to email us ,, or call the school. 

Mrs. Aldcowski, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Shelp


Here are several sites to use to have your child practice for the PSSA tests coming in Spring 2014. Please have your child visit them often. There is much to do to prepare the children for this test, and classroom instruction time is not enough. I will try to add the standards that are assessed on the PSSA as time permits, so you will be familiar with the content of the test, as well as to why we have your children perform so many different types of tasks and questions throughout the year.