PBIS- Behavior System

 Behavior Management System

A few years ago the school adopted a behavior system for grades Pre-K through 6th grade called PBIS.  This year we will not be using this behavior system as it is under construction. A team will be working on revamping the system to make it work better for our school.

This year third grade chose to use a similar behavior system. This behavior system has clearly defined expectations that are taught to students throughout the school year.  We will teach our students what their expected behavior is in the classroom, hallways, recess, cafeteria, bus, gym, and breakfast.  The behavior system has a reward system for appropriate behavior and also consequences for problem behavior. This behavior system allows students to move upward and downward throughout the day.  All students will start on "Ready to Learn".

 The following is the behavior chart that will appear in third grade classrooms.


Caught Being Good Raffle

My classroom also consists of a behavior strategy entitled "caught being good".  Every time I "catch" a student exhibiting good behavior (completing assignments, good manners, helping a peer, following rules, etc) I will give them a "caught being good" raffle ticket.  The student will put their name onto the raffle ticket and place it in the "Caught Being Good" Jar.  Every week we will pull one ticket from the jar and that student will win a prize.  The better a student behaves and the more "good" deeds the student does than the more raffle tickets they will receive. This will increase their chances of winning a prize.