I believe that homework is an essential part of a child’s education. It is valuable because it reinforces the skills taught in class, teaches responsibility, and prepares the students for the future, as homework will get much more demanding in the years to come.

Homework is usually assigned on Monday through Thursday nights.I will never give homework on a subject that has not been covered in class. Homework should be a time to reinforce skills learned during the school day. I will generally always give reading or math homework along with nightly spelling homework. I ask that students  read a minimum of 15 minutes per night. They should also be practicing their math facts each night. Any work that was not completed in class may also become part of your child’s homework.

Your child will keep track of their assignments in a planner. They will be responsible for writing down their assignment each day before they leave school. Please sign the bottom of the planner after your child’s homework has been completed. I often use the notebook to communicate to parents regarding missed homework assignments, or other issues that may have come up throughout the day. It is essential for you to check your child’s assignments and planner each day. I appreciate your support in this matter!  If a child shows me their planner and has all their homework done along with a parent signature the student will receive a sticker for the day and be able to play homeworkopoly. 



In my classroom, I have adapted a Homeworkopoly game that was found on the following website: http://www.teachnet.com/homeworkopoly/.

This game is a fun way to encourage students to complete their homework.  Homeworkopoly will be played every day in which homework was assigned the previous night.  In order for a student to play the game, he or she must complete all of their homework for the previous night and have their planner signed.  If students do not have all of their homework completed, they don't get a chance to play the game. They will also make up their incomplete homework at recess. 

To play, each student gets to roll the dice. Then, they move the number of spaces that they rolled. Sometimes, the student might not land on anything "special". However, there is a possibility of winning some  rewards if they are lucky enough to land on one of these spaces:

Choose a "Chance card" from the deck. These cards might say something like "Free Homework Pass" or "Choose a Prize from the Prize Box"
Community Lunchbox
These cards are a lot like the Chance cards. Choose one from the deck and you receive whatever prize it says!
Mystery Prize
Choose a prize from the Mystery Prize Box!
Brain Binder
You must answer a Brain Teaser Puzzle. If you get it right you get to pick out of the Prize Box.
Game Spot
Have a chance to play a PLINKO game to win a pencil, prize, or homework coupon
Free Homework

The student receives a Free Homework Pass.

Take a Seat on the Bus

When landing on this spot, you move to the yellow square diagonally across the board and stay there.  You are able to choose a pencil from the pencil box.

After passing go, you will receive a raffle ticket to put in the caught being good jar for a chance to win a weekly prize.
This allows you to pick a book for you or the teacher to read during read aloud time.