Daily Reminders

We will have a working snack every afternoon.Please send in a HEALTHY snack and drink for your child. Please only send in one snack each day. Soda and candy are not allowed. Students have the option of purchasing white or chocolate milk for snack

Please try to keep track of cafeteria account balance. Please send money in a sealed, labeled envelope with your child’s name and amount on it. Students who have negative account balances will be denied snack milk.

   During our computer lab time we will be using the Everyday Math series website. In order for your child to be able to complete these online activities, you will need to sign the parent permission form located in the handbook allowing your child to use technology online.The computer lab provides headphones for the students to use, so headphones do not need to be purchased.

  Your child will be taught how to fill in the homework planner at the end of each school day. All homework assignments are written on the Promethean Board and posted on my webpage each night. As parents, your homework is to sign the planner each night acknowledging that you have seen the work and it is done neatly and correctly.

  Please check your child’s take home folder and school planner daily for homework or teacher notes. This folder and planner should be returned to school each day.The planner is also a place where you can write me notes and I will write you back.

  If your child is absent, please send in a note when he/she returns to school with their name, my name, date of absence,reason for absence, and your signature. These are sent to the office. Please call the school by 9:00 am if your child is absent and you would like the work sent home. I can prepare missed assignments to be picked up or sent home with a sibling on days that your child is absent.

  If your child is struggling with any homework, please write me a note. I will gladly reteach the material to your child, present it differently, and give extra practice.

   Homework is very important and is assigned nightly. The students receive a homework folder with two pockets. On the left side of the folder is work to be left at home. On the right side of the folder is the nightly homework and any papers that need to be returned to school.

  Reading is very important. Reading between home and school is an important part of any reading program. Children are improving their skills as readers, so it is imperative that they read a lot! Consistent daily reading will improve fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and writing. I ask that you sit with your child and have them read for at least 15-20 minutes per night. They can read a story from their reading series,chapters from science or social studies, a magazine, a chapter book, video game instructions, comics, short stories, a magazine, etc. As long as your child is reading it doesn’t matter what it is that they are reading!  The important thing is that they are practicing their reading and comprehension skills to ultimately become a better reader. By asking your child questions while they are reading will help them to increase their comprehension skills.