Classroom Expectations


Mrs. Shelp's Classroom Expectations


1. Come to class prepared to learn.

  • Be organized and prepared for class. 
  • Absolutely no food, drink, gum, or candy permitted.
  • Raise your hand and get permission before you speak or leave your seat


2. Complete the assigned work

  • Listen and follow directions the first time they are given
  • Focus and concentrate on completing assignments.  The amount of effort you put forth will directly impact your learning, grades, confidence and future!
  • Make good use of every moment while in class and doing homework.
  • Take advantage of extra time in class to complete homework assignments.
  • Listen to others and participate in class discussions


3. Respect others and their property

  • Cooperate with others when working in a group
  • Pick up after yourself
  • Leave other people’s materials alone
  • Do not interrupt other student’s learning
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • NO VANDALISM.  Don’t write or carve on your desk or school property
  • Take care of all books and equipment
  • Respect all ideas given in class and do not criticize anybody’s ideas or thoughts
  • If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all! * (That means keep comments to yourself)
  • Show respect to visitors