Mrs. Goben

Welcome to Second Grade... 

Teacher: Mrs. Goben
Phone: (570) 785-2410

Special Schedule:

Day 1: Library

Day 2: Paths

Day 3: Art 

Day 4: Gym 

Day 5: Vocal Music

Day 6: Computers

Each afterno
on we have snack.
This year, Mrs. Martines, our 
cafeteria manager, has received a grant to provide a free vegetable or fruit snack for each student daily. However, please feel free to send a 
nutritious snack/drink into school with your child. If your child would like to purchase milk for their snack, please make sure they have money on their Cafeteria lunch account. ***



Hints to help your child:

Spelling Words: Study with your child nightly to ensure success on their weekly test! These coincide with our Fundations program and practice the phonics rules being studied. 

Vocabulary Words: Discuss these words and their meanings. Include them in your daily conversations. Each units' words are decided by the students as we read the stories. They determine the academic, grade-level vocabulary they wish to study during word study. We learn them using synonyms, antonyms, context clues and discuss connotations of words to make these new words part of our everyday vocabulary!

Stories we are reading:
The Great Kapok Tree
The Giant's Sock
The Rainforest

 Math Concepts Being Studied: Skip Counting, Number Lines, Number Grids, Money:  Penny, Nickle, Dime, and Quarter, Ten Frames, Making 10, Doubles

Scholastic Book Club:

In an effort to encourage literacy, our class will be participating in Scholastic Book Club for any family who would like to purchase books at a discounted cost. Each purchase earns points that can be used to receive free books and supplies for our classroom library and for each student in our room.  In addition, your child will have their very own books to practice their reading skills! Book order flyers will be sent home soon! Orders can be placed online or by using the flyer order form. Please contact me with any questions. 


  We have homework nightly Monday thru Thursday. There is no homework on Friday! 

Planners are filled in by students daily and checked by me! Please sign it every night and your child will receive a sticker or stamp. This ensures you are aware of homework assignments and classroom announcements. Please remove and review papers that are in the blue folder each night. Keep those in the "Keep Home" side and return those on the "Return to School" side.

Good luck!"Try not to have a good time...this is supposed to be educational.” 

Charles M. Schulz