Mrs. Monahan
Welcome to 1st Grade!

I would like to welcome my students and their parents to first grade! I genuinely could not be more excited about this school year. I am positive that we are going to have a wonderful year full of learning. I strongly encourage all parents to contact me with any questions and/or concerns. The more communication that there is between school and home, the more beneficial it will be for your child.

Email Address:

Weekly Homework (typically):
Monday -
Math Worksheet & 30 Minutes of Reading*
Tuesday - Math Worksheet & 30 Minutes of Reading*
Wednesday - Math Worksheet & 30 Minutes of Reading*
Thursday - Math Worksheet & 30 Minutes of Reading*
Friday - 30 Minutes of Reading*

*30 Minutes of Reading will formally begin at the end of September after curriculum night, but feel free to enjoy books with your child now :)

30 Minutes of Reading:
In addition to your child's nightly homework, please ensure that your child reads every night. This is a shared reading experience, so please feel free to read the book to your child, have your child echo your reading, listen to your child read, take turns reading each page, or have your child read it silently. After enjoying the book and when your child can independently read the book smoothly and understand the content of the book, you can send it back to school. Your child will then place a new book inside for you to enjoy together.
Inside of your child's reading bag is a reading log. Please log the amount of time that you read with your child. Our goal is 30 minutes in school and 30 minutes at home. I will also include "skill cards" that will give you great information about skills that your child is working on and ways to help your child improve his/her reading skills. Please thoroughly check this bag and use the strategies/suggestions provided. 

School Supplies:
Students will be given all supplies that they need this year in school. We will be using flexible seating this year, which means that we will all be sharing community supplies. Because the students will not have their own individual supplies and work space, I would prefer that they keep all other school supplies at home. It would be a great idea to set up a "homework" area at home where they can keep all extra supplies. We are really going to be working on organization and independence this year.

We will have a snack time each morning around 10:30. Our cafeteria will be supplying the snack. If you would like your child to purchase a white or chocolate snack milk, please be sure to keep his/her cafeteria account in good standing.

Home/School Folders:
Your child will bring home a "Home/School Folder" each night. One side of the folder will be for things that need to be kept at home, and the other side will be for homework or other things to be returned to school. Please check this folder nightly with your child.

Homework will be given nightly in first grade. Your child's homework will typically consist of one Math worksheet and 30 minutes of Reading. In first grade, it should take your child 10 minutes or less to complete his/her written homework (math). If you find that it is taking your child much longer than 10 minutes, to complete his/her math homework, please let me know.