Forest City Regional School District

2015-2016 School Year

Busing Schedule

Students are assigned to a bus based on the location of their home.  Only notification from a parent can change the assigned bus.  All students must ride the buses they have been assigned.  If your address has changed, please notified either the elementary and/or high school offices so students are assigned to the correct buses throughout the school year.

Parent drop off and pick up should be at either the elementary or high school office.  Students are not allowed to be dropped off in the back parking lot.  This area is for buses/vans only.

For additional information, call the elementary office at 785-2410 or the high school office at 785-2400.  Secretaries in these offices will have the bus number that your child is assigned.  Any other questions can be directed to Mrs. Chesnick at 785-2407. 

Thank you – Mrs.  Chesnick, Transportation Director.

Forest City/Vandling/Browndale:

Bus 3 (Driver:  Mr. Bonham in AM) / Bus 2 (Driver:  Mrs. Fox in PM):  Pick up along Route 247S (White Rock Road) to Browndale; in Forest City— 400-500 blocks of Main Street (NAPA Stop), Lackawanna Street (600 through 300 blocks).

Bus 7  (Driver:  Mr. Nebzydoski):  Pick up along Pleasant Mount Drive into Browndale and Route 247S Marion and Vine Streets; Pat’s Day Care; in Forest City at the corner of South and Delaware Streets (300/400 blocks).

Bus 9  (Driver: Ms. Magalaski):  Pick up all students (elementary/high school) in Vandling along South Main Street, Ash Bouldvard, and Main Street at the Tiny Treasures’ Stop. 

Bus 36 (Driver:  Mr. Ewain):  Pick up in Browndale— lower Marion and Main Streets, Imagination Station Day Care; in Forest City, 500 block on Hudson Street.

Bus 16  (Driver:  Mr. Kelly):  Pick up in Browndale—Route 247S (Maple Street stop); in Forest City—Railroad Street, the 700 block on Main Street (NEP stop), and the 400 and 300 blocks on Susquehanna Street.

Bus 28 (Driver:  Mr. Dovin):  Pick up in Browndale—West and Martin Streets; in Forest City—Jolene’s Day Care, the 200 block Delaware Street.

Bus 19  (Driver:  Mrs. McCusker):  North Main Street, Forest City, all students (elementary/high school) in the  Vandling development, Tumbling Tots Day Care/Stop in Vandling.

Bus 20  (Driver:  Mr. O’Neill):  In Forest City—pick up Hudson Street (700-1100 blocks) and Susquehanna Street (from 1100 block across to 500 block).

Bus 22 (Mr. White):  Pick up students in Forest City—North Main Street stops, 600 block of Main Street and 600 block on Hudson Street; in Vandling—the stop in the 600-700 block on Main Street and along Clinton Street.

Bus 12  (Driver:  Mrs. Arbuco):  Pick up students in Forest City—200 block of Main Street; in Vandling-- the stop at the old store for students in 500-600 blocks and at the Oak & Main Streets Stop.

Bus 31  (Driver:  Mr. Smith):  In Forest City—pick up on upper Dundaff Street (across from Kennedy Park), along Lackawanna Street  (600-700 blocks) and the 400, 300, and 200 blocks on Hudson Street.  


Pleasant Mount Area:

Bus 3 (Driver:  Mr. Bonham):  Pick up along Route 670 following Route 170 to Sherwood Drive to Route 247 to Browndale.

Bus 7  (Driver:  Mr. Nebzydoski):  Pick up along Pleasant View Drive, Bethany Turnpike, Creek Road, through Pleasant Mount, to Belmont Turnpike and Pleasant Mount Drive into Browndale.

Bus 36 (Driver:  Mr. Ewain):  Pick up along Route 247S (Creamton Drive), Miller Pond Road, back to Creamton Drive to Browndale.

Bus 16  (Driver:  Mr. Kelly):  Pick up Riverdale Road, Ayoub Road, Maple Grove Road to Pleasant Mount Drive to Browndale.

Bus 22: (Driver:  Mr. White):  Pick up, Route 371 (Great Bend Turnpike) from entrance to Miller Pond Road through Pleasant Mount to Route 171S to Forest City.

Bus 19  (Driver:  Mrs. McCusker):  Pick up along Dixon Valley and Turner Roads and along Route 371 (Great Bend Turnpike) to the entrance to Miller Pond Road to Forest City.

Bus 20  (Driver:  Mr. O’Neill):  Pick up along Route 247 in Rock Lake area, across Niagara Road, Cribbs Road, Brookings Road to Dix Road, down Route 371 to Route 171S to Forest City.


Herrick Township/Union Dale Areas:

Bus 9  (Driver: Ms. Magalaski):  Pick up along Route 171 from Herrick Corners to Arlo’s, across Bennett Road, back across Route 374 to Lewis Lake Road into Union Dale via South Main Street to Forest City.

Bus 12 (Driver:  Mrs. Arbuco):  Pick up North Road, Herrick Township, Route 374 from Dimock  Corners across to Plue Road to Quigley Road into Union Dale and across Rt. 171 to Mausoleum Road back to Route 171 to Forest City.

Bus 28  (Driver:  Mr. Dovin):  Pick up along Fiddle Lake Road, to Chet’s Road (Tirzah) to Route 374 into Herrick Center, Route 171S to Forest City.

Bus 31  (Driver:  Mr. Smith):  Pick up along north Belmont Turnpike from Orson to Route 371,  on Route 371/374 to Bunnell Farm Road to Lyons Street into Union Dale (Cable’s) via South Main Street, Union Dale to Forest City.

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