Policies & Procedures
In order for every child to have an effective learning environment, certain guidelines and rules are expected to be followed. In our classroom, everyone is to be treated equally and fair. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas and listen to others as well. We will be kind and help others. In order to be Mighty Fo
resters, we recite our pledge each day.

The Mighty Forester Pledge

We pledge to be FCR everyday.
We are Mighty Foresters in every way.
We will be Friendly, Cooperative, and Respectful today.
We pledge to do these things we say.

Classroom Rules and Procedures
1) Come to class prepared. (Math journal, writing materials, homework)
2) Treat everyone and everything with respect, including school property.
3) Listen and follow directions.
4) Do your BEST work.
5) Always TRY....don't give in to failure.

We follow a school-wide behavior system known as PBIS.
(Positive Behavior Intervention Support)

 Failure to follow the classroom and or school rules, will result in:

First Offense- Student will be given a verbal warning and redirected.

Second Offense
- Student will complete Stop and Think sheet. Parent/guardian signature required. They lose 10 minutes of recess.

Third Offense- Parent Called/ Guidance **Loss of Blowout**
Contact will be made with parent/ guardian regarding the incident. Parental support and reinforcement of positive behavior is expected.

Fourth OffenseStudent will receive a formal written referral-documenting misconduct. Students will report to the principal’s office and the behavior will be discussed. 

A Bi-weekly reward will be given out to students who stay on Purple for two weeks.